Some of our projects

Meat rabbits can be raised for almost a 6:1 ratio of meat compared to beef. As an herbivore, they are very clean to keep, have a wonderful flavor and can be really sweet to play with. We breed and raise Altex rabbits because they are a good size, do well in Florida and are easy to care for. If you have any questions about ours or want to get your own, I will be adding more and more here.

We love our girls on our little lot. We have had laying hens since 2016 here in the Tampa Bay area. We started with a small flock of 8 chicks, and after eating 2 roosters, losing one to a possum, 4 to a mountain lion (that was crazy), being gifted one, and hatching two more, we now have a great variety of sweet laying hens. We currently have 2 Rhode Island Reds, 1 Buff Orpington, 1 Black Sex Link, and the sweetest Americauna/Green Egger that you will ever meet. 

Since the time I started making memories, I had some form of a bow and arrow. I bought my first adult bow when I was 12. Since then, I have added better arrows, sites, and other parts to my bow along with new strings. But the bow has stayed the same, a 1992-1994 Hoyt Fast Flight. It doesn’t take a new and fancy bow to be accurate, lethal, and have fun shooting. Stay tuned for updates as I add more videos and articles about my bow and the hunting that I do with it. 

Hunting brings out the humanness of humans. Something changes when you are in the pursuit of your own food. The sense are all over active and heightened. The knowledge of the animals and their habitats brings you closer to your food than any other experience outside of farming. As I try to hunt deer and wild pig in Florida with my wife, I will bring you along and share some of our wins and losses. 

Meat chickens are an ongoing experimental project for us. We have successfully raised Cornish Cross broilers so far and are attempting methods of raising heritage breeds to get a more flavorful and natural bird. If you want to see what we feed, our watering system, the butchering process or any part from chick to meat, stay tuned.

Our yard is slowly turning into a food forest. We started with a sandy, grass covered rectangle of nothing. We had a ton of Virginia Creeper growing on the fence, a Queen Palm in the corner and not much else. We now have two raised garden beds, four fruit trees, four regular garden beds, a trampoline, perennial vegetables, 11 banana trees, and some wonderful edible green bushes/trees like Moringa. This is going to be a slow process, but as we add more, or build, I will be posting more here for you to tag along!

I carry a pistol with me nearly everyday and almost everywhere I go. With this can come some interesting moments and a lot of reading of laws, statutes, and new proposed laws. As I come across new and or interesting guns, laws, or ideas, I will keep them posted here. 

Pretty self explanatory here. Our main goal with saving our recipes is to not lose ones that we have enjoyed over the years. It is more of a personal database of foods that we love than anything else. We don’t subscribe to any particular diet. Our goals are to eat lots of vegetables, protein and healthy fats with about a 1:1:1 macro ratio for calories. But, really, if it tastes good, is made from whole foods, and hasn’t been overly processed, it may be on our list. 

About the Layton's

Family in front of the Gulf of Mexico. Bellair Beach, Florida

We are a family of four living in beautiful Pinellas County, Florida. This geography has its benefits and its short falls. We have lots of rain, a 12 month growing season for the right plants, and can go to the beach all the time. The downside is that as I write this, a category 4 hurricane is about to hit the East coast of Florida. We also have mostly sandy soil, lots of bugs, very hot and humid summers, and a number of other issues. Our goal is to turn this 0.12 acre lot in Pinellas County into a food forest before we move north for more land.

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